Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Katie is happy

Just a quick post tonight - Steam is having a completely ridiculous sale, so I'm about 3 minutes away from some serious gaming bliss. Downloading Portal (finally), Trine, Braid, Super Meat Boy, and all three Winter Voices games. Yay.

I've got to say, now that grades are all in for all three classes, I am pretty damn pleased with how my first quarter of grad school has gone. As stressful and overwhelming everything was at times, coming out of it with much better grades than I was expecting gives me a lot more confidence going forward. Now that I've got a good baseline established for what's expected of me, I can finally start to up the ante and really push myself.

I'm pretty excited for next quarter to start up too. I'll be taking LIS 520 (Information Resources, Services and Collections) and LIS 560 (Instructional and Training Strategies for Info Professionals), and on top of that, I'll be reading and evaluating what will probably be a mountain of applications for admission to the MLIS program next year. I'm so ready for it all, though. I'll take the stress of school over the stress that comes with putting off Christmas shopping until the last second any day. Whoops. O_o

In between now and January 4th is going to be a ton of fun though, so while my brain's ready to get another pounding, I think my liver's first in line. Christmas weekend followed immediately by an epic cabin trip with some friends and a NYE bacchanalia to finish it all off? Yes. Please.

Hope all you MLIS folks are having a fantastic break thus far, and congrats to all of us on successfully navigating our first quarter of graduate school! In a lot of ways, this will probably go down as one of the most difficult quarters we'll face, and I really couldn't have asked for a better group of classmates and colleagues to tackle the rest of them with. :)

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