Sunday, October 10, 2010


Just finished my second module of my website design class, and after sitting and swearing at my computer for about an hour, I figured I could afford to take a quick break and post. It's been a while since I've updated on all my library science adventures, and that's partly because other adventures have been popping up all week (including randomly finding myself someone to date...definitely didn't see that coming). Unfortunately for me, because of those adventures, I'm falling a bit behind on school, so I'm in the midst of a teeny OMGI'MGOINGTOFAIL panic attack.

  • LIS 500 is ending in about a week, thank god, but that also means my four page Critical Review of Professional Competency Standards (that I haven't started yet) is also due in about a week.
  • My participation in the LIS 500 boards has been relatively sporadic, and not as much as I'd have liked to contribute, but at least I don't think I've made an idiot of myself in discussions...yet.
  • I've made a grand total of one post in the LIS 510 board for Module One (Sorry Trent!!!), but hopefully by the end of the night I'll have made up some ground, and once 500 ends, I'll be able to focus more directly on 510. Got to get a little more frequent with my posts for that class - it just intimidates me WAY more than 500 for some reason. Yaaaaay for the return of online stage fright. >_<
  • Just finished Module Two for my website design class, which took over an hour and was no end of frustrating. It's going to be just as tricky to wrap my mind around the instructions for each module as it will be to digest the content.
  • Had a very productive online chat with my 510 IB project group, which definitely helped me stop freaking out as much about how we were going to organize everything. A huge thank you to my group members for being on top of the deadlines for picking a social group to research and fill out the group strengths/weaknesses/strategies sheet - my mind has been so scattered this week I might have spaced and forgotten about it.
  • I really REALLY need to find an efficient way to calendar everything. I'm thinking massive whiteboard that would hang above my keyboard, since I seem to fail miserably at maintaining any sort of physical planner. Comes from never being a diary-keeper, I think. I'm a little too undisciplined to keep something up that isn't staring me in the face every time I walk into my room.
  • I have had Hold Your Colour by Pendulum on loop for the past two hours and I've got to say, electronica makes for great productivity music. ^_^
  • FINALLY got my textbooks in the mail. Expedited shipping from now on, for sure. Stupid Amazon.
Okay, back to work. Or maybe off to get some B&R Cookie Dough ice cream. I am craving that something fierce right now.


  1. I'm finding the website class instructions confusing, too -- and all the broken links? Not what I expected for a WEBSITE BUILDING CLASS.

    I haven't started my 500 paper, either.

    Yay for ice cream!

  2. Don't worry, it'll all work out! That was indeed a great chat, and I'm sure we'll keep each other on top of everything. We just have to hang in there another week until 500 ends (I haven't started the paper either, argh)...

    Expedited shipping wasn't expedited at all for me, either. Stupid Amazon.

  3. @Sarah - I know, right?? Every time I got confused and tried to click on one of the side links, it was usually broken, which made me even more frustrated. >_<

    @Laurel - Aren't you in the lawyers group? Haha, I think you might have me and Katie T. confused. ;D Either way, I work in a law firm, so if you need some folks to interview, I'd be happy to ask around the office!

  4. Whoops! Too many people named Katie, sorry! *headdesk*

  5. Hahaha, welcome to my life. My friends started calling me by my last name a la football player in high school just to avoid confusion. ^_^

  6. I haven't had a link problem with INFX yet. Im' sorry you had such a hard time with the homework. the most confusing thing was her folder placement... I accidentally did this week's homework last week. I think that's why i was so overwhelmed int he last module.

    As far as a calendar goes. I have a suggestion. Do you have a smart phone?