Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I like lists

Observations of the evening:
  1. Cranberry juice mixed with ginger ale is a glorious beverage.
  2. Reading an article that outlines a particular information seeking model through the use of diagrams becomes slightly more difficult when the diagrams refuse to load on the page.
  3. While HTML tagging makes the little OCD gremlin in my brain insanely happy, figuring out how to write a web page mostly from scratch (Thanks, Selena!) and making sure every link I input does its job makes me a little dizzy. But hey. At least there's one more exceedingly classy website out there with my name on it. ^_^
  4. There is an incredible sense of pride in finishing a website design project on time. There is an incredible sense of confusion when the online drop-box for said project does not exist.
  5. I love folding laundry. Especially when it allows me to put off doing homework.
  6. I'm sensing a bit of a disconnect between what I seize on for discussion in the articles I read for 510, and what everyone else in my discussion group wants to talk about.
  7. Having the librarians who agreed to be interviewed for a massive information behavior project email me to volunteer a good time and place is great. That their proposed interview date is November 24th (a whole five days before the entire project is due) is not great. Time to regroup.
  8. The heater in our apartment works great until the apartment is heated. Then the angry fan clanking noises start.
  9. Cats don't like candles.
  10. I still need to put together my Halloween costume. Crap.
  11. Skype has taken over the internet.
  12. I don't actually have a twelfth observation. I just don't like ending lists on odd numbers.
That is all!


  1. Per #6, I've totally noticed this on the discussion boards in general. I see what others have posted, my brain shuts off, my mouth goes slack... Then I think, "Bingo!" and just start a new thread and cross my fingers that someone will jump in, and I'll look smart with leadership qualities. ;-)

  2. Congrats on your website :]
    I get the most cleaning done when there is homework to be done. Epic observation on your part. The more homework, the neater the folding, correct? You'd make a hot naughty librarian, a la halloween.

    Also, when my new compy comes in, Skype date?

  3. You're welcome!

    Also, smashing use of tables in your navigation, Katie. Lovin' it!

  4. @Linda - I definitely started a couple threads in the Module 2 board with that in mind. :D

    @Genia - Yes plz! I would love to have a Skype date! I even have a webcam...*WINK* And I've been planning on doing Sexy Librarian/Batgirl for Halloween, so you totally called half my costume.

    @Lena - Totally only used the tables because I couldn't figure out how to space the navigation links out on the page. But hey! At least it makes me look like I know what I'm doing, right?