Monday, November 1, 2010

Seriously EXCITING news :D

I just got word tonight that my application for the MLIS Admissions Committee for next year was accepted! Meaning I will be serving as one of four student representatives on the committee that selects next year's group of residential and online MLISers!

I could not be more excited, honestly. I'll be reading close to 50 applications, and fully participating in the work and deliberation carried out by the other members of the committee (i.e. iSchool faculty, staff, and administration). It's going to be a metric fuckton of work on top of the pile I already have for school, but to be in a position to help give a new group of students the chance to begin what I've started with the iSchool is such an amazing thing to be involved with, and I'm very honored.

Maybe eventually I'll have the time to sit down and write a proper entry, but for now, I like the brief entries. Keeps me from procrastinating if I don't have to write an essay every time. :)

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