Monday, January 10, 2011

Apparently, space heaters + crappy apartment wiring = blown circuits every five minutes. Hello blankets!

In 520, my discussion group has spent a week talking about censorship, questioning the moral/ethical side of librarianship, and examining the rather revolutionary (for the time) reference techniques put forth in an article published in 1876 while simultaneously ripping apart the supercilious and irritatingly condescending tone of its author. My small group for the class also picked student filmmakers as our target group for our Top Ten Reference Sources project later in the quarter.

In 560, we've talked about everything from what makes certain professors effective in the classroom, using the ARCS model as our baseline, to exactly why Alton Brown is such a bamf in the kitchen. (Yes, I did just use the term "bamf". Deal with it.) I also decided to use the same student filmmaker target group for my future library skills instruction project.

Based solely on this first week of class, I am so so so excited for how the rest of this quarter is going to go. This shit's awesome, and a big part of why I went back to school. :)

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