Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why I Need a Time-Turner

Katie's Master List of Stuff Currently On Her Plate (and a de facto apology to everyone I've been or will be either avoiding or freaking out to):
  • LIS 520
    • Keeping up on a pile of readings/lectures
    • Posting on the boards daily
    • Finding useful sources for our Top Ten Ref Source group project
    • Trying not to grind my teeth smooth whenever I get comments/grades back from search exercises and reference source reviews
    • Consulting with my "client" for my class-sanctioned formal reference interview (good lord I'm glad I worked in ref at Linfield...this would be way harder to tackle if I hadn't)
  • LIS 560
    • Keeping up on another pile of readings/lectures
    • Posting on the boards daily
    • Figuring out a topic, writing, putting together a slide show, and recording my presentation to the class using the readings/lectures/discussions as my base
    • Researching and writing my instructional program for dramaturgs
    • Not dropping the ball with my small group for this last module
  • Social Media
    • Keeping up with: Twitter, Facebook, this blog, possible future blog posts for Hack Library School, Hack Library School's blog, other LIS blogs
  • Social Stuff
    • Big-time drama explosions in both the friends and family categories
  • Other
    • Getting to help a friend do some research for her final degree projects in linguistics. I'm SUPER excited about it, but oh lord help me.
    • Volunteering at SPL, and possibly L-Net if I do decide I am, in fact, insane
    • THE ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE DECISIONS MEETING IS IN LESS THAN A MONTH DASJ;LKDHFA;JKHWELJKFHASC;JKHFDA O______________o (i.e. Reading 30-40 grad student applications and help decide whether their futures lie at the UW or elsewhere)
    • I'm moving out of my apartment at the end of March and I have no idea where I'm going to end up yet
    • Spring Registration tomorrow

Ridiculously enough, the most peace I have during my day is when I'm at work. Go figure.

You know what, though? Bring it. Bring it ON.

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  1. You're amazing. Text me when you need a distraction and we can both escape to coffee or something. :) - Christine