Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Informal poll:

Now that my readership includes more than two people, I'm wondering: if I want this blog to potentially go somewhere professionally, should I keep the language to a minimum? I'm torn on this, since I like to write how I speak and hate having to censor myself. While I don't go around dropping the f-bomb every other word, it does pop up from time to time. What do you guys think?

I'm now apparently using sleep as a last-ditch effort to avoid homework. I don't feel like this is a productive strategy, but as it turns out, sleeping 3-4 hours a night for as many weeks at a time isn't very conducive to good health. Go figure.

Items of note! There are lots of them! So many exciting things have been happening lately it's really tough to keep track of them, so I'll start with today's events.

Event #1:

I've officially applied and put down a deposit for my very first solo apartment downtown! Living on my own in the city has been a goal of mine for a really long time, and I am so incredibly thrilled that (if the application goes through) it'll be happening! I've loved living with the roommates I've had, but living alone has had an irresistible allure to me.

I'd gone up on Capitol Hill yesterday to the Stockbridge Apts (on Boren & Union) to tour a different studio that I'd called them about last week, but it had been leased out from under my nose right before I got there. Undeterred, I made an appointment to come back today at lunch to look at a different studio, and I made sure I was first in line this time. Turned out to be a smart move, since the second I walked into the studio, I fell in love. I didn't get to toodle around as much as I would have liked since the previous tenant's still living there (made for a slightly awkward tour), but what I saw I really liked. It's got a pretty enormous kitchen, for a studio anyway, a massive walk-in closet, a nice full bathroom, and a good sized main room with a pull-down murphy bed. Not sure I'll take advantage of that, since I've got a bed already, but ah well.

Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope I'm good enough rent-requirement-wise to avoid having to put down last month's rent in addition to a deposit and first month's. And start getting used to the idea that I'll soon be crossing the official poverty threshold. O_o Whatever. It'll be worth every penny.

Event #2:

Guess whose guest post about volunteering is getting posted on the Hack Library School blog tomorrow? *points to self and tries not to squee too loudly*

Event #3:

Save the UW iSchool. Seriously. The emails that have flooded my inbox over the past couple days are scaring the crap out of me regarding the future of not just my education, but the education of everyone that wants to be part of the iSchool in the future. Hack Library School put up an awesome blog post this morning that gives more detail on the problems we're facing, and there's a great facebook page that you can "like" to show your support. Better yet, write a letter to our legislators telling them not to be a bunch of idiots by cutting funding for higher education. Here's a form letter to get you started, courtesy of our lovely GPSS (look for the 2/28/11 Action Item if you're reading this a while after I've posted it).

Other exciting things are coming up, including the MLIS Admissions Committee decisions meeting next Friday and what promises to be the classiest party on record on Saturday, so I'll probably issue a debriefing once things cool down a bit. At times like these, I just tell myself that whatever happens, everything I'm stressing about now will be irrelevant in a month. Some small comfort, I know, but it helps a little!


  1. I think if you're writing posts that you know will go in the public eye, e.g. for another blog, then watch out for language. Otherwise just be yourself. Living in a studio is lovely, and looks like you've found a great location! I can't wait to read your guest post.

  2. Depends on what you want professional to mean to you, and if you want to accept the potentially limited employment that brings :)

    That said, I think the potential limitations decrease in respect to the awesomeness of your posts. So I wouldn't worry about it.