Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wait, I have time to blog?

As of three days ago, I'm officially homeless! Well, technically it's only for two weeks until my new lease kicks in on April 16th, but I'll be couch-hopping for a week until my folks go out of town next Monday. Then I'll have a giant house all to myself for five glorious days. Cable TV, a fully stocked kitchen, four beds to choose from...bliss. ^_^

School's been going pretty well so far this quarter. I didn't feel ready to start back up at all, which made for a scary first couple of days. I'm determined to not fall so far behind this time. It definitely helps that I'm really starting to feel personally engaged in the material consistently instead of sporadically - something I really had issues with last quarter.

At the moment we're talking about the Semantic Web and ontologies in Organization of Information and Resources (basically Cataloging 101), and in Information in a Social Context we're starting up discussion on Sociotechnical Perspectives in the Information Society and starting to form up groups for our quarter-long project. The way this project works, we've been asked to research an information issue in a local institution and report our findings at the end of the quarter in both paper and presentation format. I decided I wanted to target DRM, since it's popped up so often recently (the Google Books settlement, Amazon and Lendle, etc.). Got a great lead on a possible topic within the UW itself, so I'm hoping I can get my group on board with that one! Many of the institutions directly involved in these debates are local, so hopefully I'll be able to have some direct contact with them over the course of the project. Getting information directly from an involved party will definitely give an oomph to our findings.

Other than moving and school, there isn't much going on. Sakuracon is coming up in a couple weeks, which is going to be a complete blast. I know quite a few more people who are going/volunteering this year, and somehow I think living a few blocks from the convention center (and nearby bars) will be nice. :3 Oh! And I'll also be writing another guest post for Hack Library School in early May! It's going to be on LIS overload, appropriately enough, so if any of you MLISers have something you'd like to contribute (or that you'd like me to address), just let me know!

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